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No matter whether you're doing a personal video, or a production for someone else, you usually need some quality B-Roll to maximize the impact of your story. Our video clip of a blue moon can help get a visual of the concept of a rare occurrance. Are you in New York, but want to convey that a scene is in Seattle? Get our Seattle Skyline for 10 bucks. A 10 Bucks clip of the Grand Canyon can be a metaphor for a vast emptiness, or just a visual component over a comment on nature.

This site has approximately 50 video clips in DV and HDV that can be purchased for only 10 BUCKS A MINUTE. If the clip completely fills the view screen from left to right, then it is an HDV clip. If it is shadow-boxed left and right, then that choice is a DV clip.

A minute of video is around 200 MegaBytes, so we recommend a solid hi-speed internet connection when you purchase and download video from the 10BucksAMinute.com web site.

Have a video request? Email said request to us, or post it in the request section!

Soon there will be methods for posting your own videos for purchase by other video producers, and much more.


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