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Sunday, 10 August 2008 23:16

10BucksAMinute is your B-roll superstore! When you want a piece of video to reinforce your voice-over script, buy it at 10BucksAMinute.com!


1. Register as a user of 10BucksAMinute (it takes less than a minute)

2. Log-in from the login button on the main menu

3. Go to the front page (HOME) of the web site.

4. Choose the video you want from the player.

5. WHILE THE VIDEO IS PLAYING (or if you have paused the player with your desired clip on the screen) click the link showing "Purchase" (the name of your clip) "by CLICKING HERE".  You'll be taken to the page where you can buy and download that clip.

Upon making payment from your PayPal account, click on the phrase "Click here to download your video file!" to get started faster.

Upon making payment from your credit card, PayPal has a link on the page titled "Return to Merchant" or the "Click here to download your video file!" link may also be displayed. Click either of those to start downloading the zipped video file.

Once the file is finished downloading to your computer, unzip the file and it will be a QuickTime™ .mov file in either DV or HDV format ready to import into your digital video editing session.

If you do not have a utility to unzip the file, click for a free application here for Windows or here for Macintosh.


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